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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject [proposal] Production Build Target (was Re: Products in the Build directory?)
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 01:29:38 GMT
Timothy Larson wrote:
> --- Geoff Howard <> wrote:
> ...
>>Can you all agree on which options should define a "production build"?
> I don't know.  Lets try!
> I suggest that a baseline production build should:
>   Include all components, even scratchpad and deprecated

I'd disagree.  In a production app, I don't want scratchpad or 
deprecated.  And because extra components can have performance 
implications, I want only the components I'll use.  (and I do this my 
self now with a pair of

>   Exclude all samples


>   Exclude all documentation

Agreed (from the webapp)

>   Have an empty <map:pipelines> section in sitemap


>   Be easy to specify includes and excludes starting
>   from this baseline configuration.

Includes and excludes of what?  If blocks, it doesn't get any easier (at 
the moment) than editing a  If the things we 
just discussed above, this already exists in the first 10 lines or so of 

> Anybody who is interested, please speak up
> with your agreement, differences, etc.

This is exactly why I asked.  I'll be surprised if people can agree on 
this.  I think there may be an illusion of common requirements which on 
closer examination will turn out to have mutually exclusive conflicts. 
If not, I think this can be done easily in very little time.

Please, before weighing in, look over and, along with, INSTALL.txt and


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