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From Richard in Public <>
Subject JXForms SELECT: arrays vs collections
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:15:11 GMT
Does JXForms support Collection-to-select mappings?  I have a bean ~

var categories = persistenceManager.getProductCategories();
var categorizations = 
//returns List
var bean = {
  categories: categories;
  categorizations: categorizations,

and a form ~

<xf:select ref="/categorizations/productCategoryID">
  <xf:repeat nodeset="/categories">
       <xf:label><xf:output ref="label" /></xf:label>
       <xf:value><xf:output ref="ID" /></xf:value>

This works beautifully on the way in:  a select list is rendered with 
the correct categories selected.  However, when submitted the flow 
crashes quietly -  I can find no error in the logs and a print statement 
positioned immediately after the form.sendView statement is never 

I am about to experiment with using arrays in place of collections, but 
it would be helpful to know whether or not JXForms supports this 
scenario - i.e. updating a collection from a select list

Richard Hoberman

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