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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.1 Released - binary??
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:59:17 GMT
Jay Freeman (saurik) wrote:

>Oh, I totally understand that Cocoon is a work in progress... that's
>actually one of the things I like most about it :). I _did_ mention in a
>reply to my original proposal on the dev-list (and was tacked to the bottom
>of the forward that I gave Ralph that ended up back on the users list) that
>if people liked/wanted what I was talking about (hence "had the discussion")
>I was willing to try to actually do it (as in the "get on and do it
>Especially in that light, although in general, I find your massive paragraph
>about that to be uncalled for, and something I've seen some other projects
>just start taking up as a mantra in response to any user request (remember,
>a "suggestion" to add a new feature is the same thing as a "feature request"
>and to a tired developer can start sounding like a "feature demand"... just
>because someone on a mailing list says "this doesn't seem like the way to do
>it, I think this would solve my problem better" doesn't mean they "expect"
>it to be solved, it could just mean that they want everyone to know what
>their usage requirements are as the developers may never have thought about
>it that way). 

I apologise if I came across as 'mantra chanting', that wasn't my 
intention. I wanted to draw you into a process that I see already 
happening in relation to blocks. I found the thread frustrating because 
it wasn't yet taking that part of the picture into account.

With best wishes,


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