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From Ben Munat <>
Subject basic form tutorial
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 00:48:17 GMT
Hello. I'm very new to Cocoon and certainly no xml/programming/web 
wizard. I have an html page created by an xlst and served by cocoon. The 
source xml file is a list of songs; the xslt converts the songlist into 
a table and puts it on a page below a basic header/navbar and a box with 
some form inputs ("artist" and "title" text boxes and a "style" 
dropdown) for searching. Now the trick is to get cocoon to reload the 
page -- after I've entered something in these widgets and clicked submit 
-- and only display the entries from the songlist that match this criteria.

I've poked around the wiki and the docs and searched the mailing list 
and, well, I'm more confused than ever. Often the material is over my 
head, and oriented-towards doing something fancier than I need; form 
validation, database interaction and the like.

All I want to do is get the values of three post variables and fill the 
table of song data accordingly. Do I turn my xml file into an xsp and 
put java code in to interpret the post vars? Do I use some other 
component for this (an action... or this woody thing I keep hearing 
about)? Is there a tutorial out there that I've missed that has very 
basic instructions on using form vars?



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