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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.1 Released - binary??
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 07:34:52 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:

> The explanation given here is *not* an explanation
> at all - not all of us are subscribers to the developers
> list and so are not party to the discussions that prompted
> this decision - perhaps one of the developers can
> summarise the issues and update the website - then the
> rest of us can have  a chance to comment.

That discussion was held months ago, you'll find references at

There was plenty of deliberation at that time, as you can see from the 
archives. To keep yourself informed of other plans the development team 
is working on, it think it's fair to say you should be subscribed to the 
development list. I'm pretty sure the upcoming reshuffling to ramp 
ourselves up to the 'new blocks' approach sure will involve more 
extensive changes to the Cocoon distribution.

Already, using the new packaging (without a distributed binary) makes it 
much easier to build a deployable version of Cocoon that only includes 
what you need, so in the end, people don't have to go through the burden 
of stripping an unzipped WAR file in order to deploy Cocoon on their 
servers. Different from the "here's everything that is included in 
Cocoon" distribution, you are now able to precisely indicate the 
selection of components and blocks you need for your web application.

Since Cocoon is slowly shifting from a publishing engine towards a 
general purpose web application container and framework, we are catering 
the distribution towards people who want to start developing using 
Cocoon, rather than just distributing the demo of all-things-Cocoon.

> PS If you do decide to not release a binary verrsion, then
> you certainly should remove the link to the 
> Binary distributions archive (link on this page)

Hence the word 'archive' in that link. ;-)


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