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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [Solution] Re: SimpleFormTransformer - invalid XML generated?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:48:16 GMT
Steve Schwarz wrote:
> Christian
> My bad. It looks like the form validation action is the one that doesn't 
> like the enctype="multipart/form-data" together with method="post" but 
> multipart with put is fine as is no enctype with post. In the 
> sitemap.log it reports all fields as null with that encoding/post.
> Since I'm using simpleform in both the success and failure cases for the 
> validation action I wrongly thought simpleform wasn't working.

Since 2.1 processing of uploads needs to be enabled in web.xml. The 
default case is disabled and you've seen the result :-)

> Although I think I will try to put a wiki together for the very simple 
> use case; the added complexity of sfinstance in the simpleform sample 
> really had me scratching my head for a while about the simple-form 
> transformer declaration (as a newbie I still haven't gotten my head 
> around the modular mechanism and the classes implementating it).

Right. So it ain't "simple" anymore :-| But agreed, the sample is crap. 
I will try to come up with a better one.

> I also think I'll try to write a transformer that can transform the 
> descriptor.xml file and into all the <error> entries for each of the 
> <parameter> validation attributes (min-len, max-len, nullable, etc). I'd 
> hate to enter that info for each error type manually for all my 
> validating forms. To me this is the real power of Cocoon; define the 
> model(s) and drive the site's views entirely from the data models 
> through actions/transformations.

A very good idead. And by using the cocoon: protocol this can easily be 
done with XSLT in an internal pipeline!


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