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From danl <>
Subject use a pipeline to create a file?
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:21:37 GMT
I'm currently using a pipeline to generate a list of XML files in a 
directory that I then present as an HTML list of links to the user. I'm 
doing this in the following way:

1. GENERATE - Use DirectoryGenerator to get a list of  xml files in a 
directory based on what the user's request path.
2. TRANSFORM - XSL stylesheet adds xinclude directives  with XPath 
expressions to extract parts of each of the files in the directory
3. TRANSFORM - xinclude transformer
4. TRANSFORM - transforms the XML with the included parts of each file 
to HTML.

The problem is that this process turns out to be too slow for 
interactive use.  What I want to do is add a pipeline to the 
adminsitrative section of the site to go through this process and create 
either a static HTML file, or an XML file that contains the processing 
after step 3 above, so all that is needed is one simple transformation 
to HTML and then serialization. How do I do this? Again, I want to 
create a link in the administrative section of the site so when I click 
on it, the result is a file such as "directoryname-list.xml" that can 
later be used by a user accessible pipeline to create a browesable list 
of the xml files in that directory.

Can I use a view to direct the XML stream after step 3 to a file? What 
about a transformer?


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