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From Ben Munat <>
Subject Re: serving css and images
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 02:57:46 GMT
Thanks! The Cocoon Developer's Handbook doesn't seem to mention an xhtml 
serializer anywhere... frustrating. And I wonder, does it only work with 
certain versions of cocoon? I'm running 2.0.4 and changed the serializer 
on that page to xhtml, but I still don't get a doctype and the mime-type 
is still text/html.

Oh, and the program I used to write the xsl stuck the fo ns in there... 
didn't even notice it... thanks.


Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> Hello Ben,
> Cocoon has a so called XHTML serializer, which is in fact a XML 
> serializer, but adds the correct mime-type and the DOCTYPE, so that 
> Mozilla correctly recognizes the page as XHTML. So you should use
> <map:serialize type="xhtml"/>
> The XSL FO namespace declaration comes from your stylesheet I guess - 
> and the serializer does not remove it, but it does not add ns 
> declarations by magic. The ns declaration has no influence on the mime 
> type recognition of Mozilla, but the wrong mime-type text/xml of the XML 
> serializer has.
> Regards,
> Joerg
> Ben Munat wrote:
>> Thanks for all the replies. I must have been pretty fuzzy last night 
>> to miss the fact that I hadn't changed the image map:match to the 
>> correct source and mime type! Thus are the dangers of cut & paste 
>> (yank & put, actually).
>> I've gotten it to find the image and stylesheet now, but I had to 
>> change the serializer to html. Don't I want to use the xml serializer 
>> to get xhtml output? Cocoon is also putting this namespace on my html 
>> tag:
>> <html xmlns:fo="">
>> which is what, I think, was making mozilla interpret the file as xml 
>> and hence not retrieve the stylesheet and image or even render the 
>> html, for that matter. Once I changed the serializer to html, it put in:
>> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
>> so now mozilla treats it as html (even though the fo ns declaration is 
>> still there). I don't know that it matters that much, though I'd like 
>> to know why I'm getting that ns added... and for that matter, isn't 
>> there a way to have cocoon insert an xhtml dtd into the output file?
>> Thanks for all your help.
>> Ben Munat
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