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From Ben Munat <>
Subject Re: html serializer problem
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 01:01:48 GMT
Sorry to jump onto this thread, but a post I sent earlier got lost at 
the end of its thread and this is related. Perhaps someone can kill both 
questions with one well-constructed response.

I am using the html serializer to output a simple xml/xslt conversion. 
However, I was under the impression that in order to be guaranteed of 
xhtml output, I had to use the xml serializer. Whichever serializer I 
use, I'm getting this namespace on my <html> element:

<html xmlns:fo="">

Why would the transformation put that ns on there for me and how can I 
get rid of it? Also, is their a way to configure the serializer to 
automatically put an xhtml dtd at the top of my output?

I also have to comment that I find it highly amusing that Sonny is 
trying to run all his output together while I've spent a lot of time 
trying to figure out why I sometimes get a big blob of code!

What fun.


Sonny Sukumar wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm using the HTML serializer to output an XHTML doc at the end of a 
> pipeline, but it puts line breaks in the doc it outputs that cause IE to 
> display the output incorrectly.
> For example, the XHTML doc that goes into the HTML serializer has the 
> following in it:
> <tr><td valign="top"><img height="30" width="30" src="spacer.gif" 
> border="0"/></td>
> but it's serialized like this:
> <tr>
> <td valign="top">
> <img height="30" width="30" src="myPic.gif" border="0"/>
> </td>
> Note that I've set indent="no" for the HTML serializer, but that doesn't 
> fix this problem.  I really need to fix this to get it to display 
> correctly in IE (the browser we care most about by far).
> If we get the output to come without *ANY* whitespace between the tags, 
> then that would be great.  Is there any way to do this??
> Thanks!
> Sonny
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