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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Confused About Perfomance Issues (but not as much)
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 18:55:57 GMT
Julian wrote:
> Geoff,
> Thanks for the help! I see about a second and a half
> performance boost (10.29s to 8.87s) on startup.  The
> longest to respond is a sitemap with various XSP's and
> a fop2pdf generator (12.35 sec).  I have two more
> issue though in light of your tips:  

Very glad to hear it - I'd think you'll be able to get that down quite a 
bit more.  See more comments below.

> <questions>
> 1) Should I "declare" the components only in the
> sitemap that uses them or is the performance the same
> when they are "declared" in the base sitemap (not
> "declared" in sub-sitemap)?

I don't know if sitemap components are loaded lazily or not in the tree 
processor (2.1), but it would be an easy experiment.  You may be able to 
find hints in the logs (if you turn logging up to debug).

That reminds me.  Logging is by default turned to ERROR (WARN?) now in 
2.1 which was not the case with earlier versions, or earlier in 2.1 cvs. 
  But web.xml has an additional config for logging during startup.  I 
think this may be left to debug by default, and you may want to 
experiment with startup times with it changed.

> 2) Are JSP/XSP sources compiled everytime the server
> is restarted? If so, will getting my hands on the
> class generated and "generating" it otherwise improve
> the performace?
> </questions>

They should not be recompiled on server restart (though I'm not sure 
about JSP within Cocoon if called from the JSP reader or generator). 
You need to make sure though that your servlet container is not deleting 
the work directory on startup or shutdown.  ( I think I recently 
discovered that Jetty does this).  If it is, they will be recompiled 
because the class file will be missing.  You can fix this either by 
changing config on the servlet container or by changing Cocoon's work 
directory to one that isn't getting deleted.  The same by the way goes 
with the cache directory.

Your idea to get the pregenerated class file will work - though I'm not 
sure if XSP engine uses the same class loader, or if it only looks in 
the configured work directory.  This will change where you would need to 
put it to avoid recompiling.

Also, the build process has a step that is supposed to precompile XSPs. 
  You may not want to rebuild the entire cocoon project each time you 
change an xsp but you could look into creating a new build target for 
yourself to do just this step.  If you figure it out, please wiki it.

> Regarding components: I am not sure which I use and
> which I do not.  I use Cocoon for the basics and will
> have to do some reading.

Yes, this is an issue.  It won't be clear even to experienced users what 
all those components are.  It's better now that blocks are here, but not 
everything can be/is in a block.  Maybe if you did an inventory of what 
you still have in cocoon.roles and cocoon.xconf and wiki'd it we could 
build up a little page detailing what each is and when you could get rid 
of it.


> Thanks a million,
> Julian
> --- Geoff Howard <> wrote:
>>Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>From: Julian [] 
>>>>Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 4:20 PM
>>>>To: cocoon
>>>>Subject: Confused About Perfomance Issues
>>>>I have looked into this a few times, but am not
>>>>"getting it".
>>>>How can I configure/build Cocoon to
>>>>pre-load/pre-compile sitemaps before or during
>>>In 2.1 (latest CVS) the interpreted sitemap is
>>used - no compilation is
>>>>Every time my server is restarted Cocoon takes
>>>>8-10 secs. to respond to requests to a given
>>>>I believe this is sitemap compilation.  I have a
>>>>sitemaps so this causes some serious lag time,
>>>>on first request...afterwards all responds
>>>>jre 1.4.1, Cocoon CVS version, Tomcat 4.1.12
>>>It's not only the sitemap - Cocoon initialized
>>many components and this
>>>needs some time at startup. It also takes some
>>time to compile XSP pages
>>>(in the case you use them).
>>And this time can be reduced by eliminating all
>>unused components. 
>>First, start by building without unused blocks. 
>>Second, edit your 
>>sitemaps to remove any unused sitemap components
>>(e.g., Generators 
>>you'll never use).  If things are still not
>>noticeably better, examine 
>>cocoon.xconf and cocoon.roles for components you
>>expect to never need. 
>>This last step is a little more advanced.
>>If there are any questions about what a component
>>is/does ask here or on 
>>the dev list.

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