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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Caching of aggregate parts
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 22:11:57 GMT
Justin Makeig wrote:
> <map:match pattern="initiatives/*/">
>  <map:aggregate element="Page">
>    <map:part src="xml/toc.xml"/>
>    <map:part src="xml/site/initiatives/{1}.xml"/>
>   </map:aggregate>
>   <map:transform src="xsl/xhtml/initiatives/initiative.xsl">
>   <map:parameter name="requesturi" value="/initiatives/{1}/"/>
>  </map:transform>
>   <map:serialize type="xhtml"/>
> </map:match>

This looks cacheable to me, unless I'm crazy and map:aggregate doesn't 
support caching  at all.  It should already be cached by default.  If 
you still have the samples running, check the status page and see if 
there is a pipeline key that looks like it matches.  It's not entirely 
clear, but you should be able to make some intelligent guesses.

Of course this may be bad news if you are not getting good performance 
from it.  If you turn logging all the way up to debug you should be able 
to see a processing time difference between its first request (after 
clearing the cache(s) or requesting with a new unique value of {1}


>>Justin Makeig wrote:
>>>I have a table of contents (TOC) document that is being aggregated with an
>>>XML instance document for each page request. For example, when
>>> is requested, the sitemap aggregator generates a
>>>document that looks like:
>>>    <TOC/>
>>>    <Instance/>
>>>where TOC and Instance are loaded from the file system using
>>>This system allows me to use XSL keys instead of the document function to
>>>reference elements in the TOC making the transforms speedy and cacheable.
>>>The TOC document is around 50K and growing arithmetically. Since the TOC is
>>>generated at design-time (not run-time), I would like to cache it so that it
>>>doesn't have to reparsed for every request. Is this possible? Is it already
>>>being done with map:aggregate? Any assistance would be much appreciated.
>>Can you send your sitemap snippet that does the aggregation?

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