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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: SourceWriter and Redirect problem
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 11:34:11 GMT
Dirk Reiss wrote:
>>Just to add a little to that, it's been disallowed to encourage patterns 
>>that work better within Cocoon.
>>Since you're using 2.1, I'd suggest using flow's processPipelineTo (or 
>>whatever it's called now) to replace the use of the source writing
>>transformer.  After that you'll be able to redirect with flow or process 
>>any full pipeline as you see fit.  I have an application that I am 
>>starting to port to flow and am planning to do exactly that in a few places.
> As far as we can see, that could be a solution. Could you eventually provide 
> a link with introductary documentation regarding flowscript or a brief example of 
> what we need? Cocoon-pages and googling on that topic doesnt help very much...

I'm under the impression that both the docs in the latest cvs (which may 
not be reflected yet at and the wiki 
( have a workable start at documentation for the flow.

Be aware that the initial implementation is deprecated in favor of a new 
"less is more" approach dubbed FOM (flow object model).  I believe that 
most docs if not all have been updated to the new model but you should 
keep it in the back of your head especially when looking at older docs.

The samples also have good examples of flow use.


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