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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Making sweet music with Cocoon
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 20:38:25 GMT
This is a cool idea Mark !

I have been playing with the idea myself of using cocoon as a sort of 
binary transformation engine (so not just XML). I was wondering if I 
wouldn't be abusing the framework too much in this way, as it was built 
for XML transformations mainly :-) Still i think that the 
generate-transform-serialize design contract can be applied to a few 
other domains (think direction audio, imaging, video, 3D etc)..

I don't know much of midi but i do know svg and cocoon, maybe we can 
find a common ground?


Mark Leicester wrote:

>I have just 'assembled' a Cocoon[1] generator for MIDI files. This component
>takes a MIDI file as its source and then generates an XML representation of
>the file in XMidi. XMidi was developed several years ago by Peter Loeb. I
>was looking for an excuse to develop a Cocoon component and I stumbled
>across his site[2] and his source code for converting MIDI into a DOM
>representation. I converted his implementation to SAX. Peter's code seems to
>have lain untouched for some time and is released under the MIT license[3].
>My plans are to:
>1. Implement a MIDI serializer (Peter Loeb's code includes an XMidi to MIDI
>converter also) so that round trips are possible.
>2. Create some XMidi to SVG transformers so that graphical (e.g. Western
>musical notation, or Schenkerian analysis perhaps!) representations of MIDI
>files can be rapidly generated.
>3. Create some transformers to do some amusing musical transformations of
>the XMidi, e.g. inversion, retrograde etc.
>I realise that MIDI format provides very little presentation information
>thus limiting the scope of my second aim, but this could well provide the
>start of something that encompasses other XML formats for music (such as
>NIFF XML, MusicML, or perhaps a new markup for music).
>Does anyone else on the Cocoon list have an interest in wrestling with the
>mismatch between markup and music?
>Mark Leicester
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