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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: woody and databases
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:24:48 GMT
Hi Simon:

Welcome to the quest! :)

This is the quest: How to build a better database oriented webapps using
Cocoon. AFAIK currently you cannot use Flow with Actions.... You need to
choose one of them.

I already done 2 webapps using Original and Modular Database Actions but
it seems to me that this is not the best. You will have a mix of concern
using the Actions. Please dont ask me why. Soon or later you will be faced
to that. I dont want to start another war. This is just my opinion. :)

Another disadvantage of Modular or Original Database Actions is when you
need to do some complex database operations, they are not your best
choice. It seems like the way is else where, maybe using flow... Please
note that Original and Modular Database Actions are another milestone into
Cocoon. They are an attempt to solve the Database issue in Cocoon. Of
course for simple DB operations they are well suited. My respects to
people that developed Original and Modular Database Actions.

Currently, many of us are trying to make a working and functional demo
using Flow. The idea is to create a Model-View-Controller. The bets are

       OJB       -
       Hibernate -
      Woody      - Inside Cocoon
      JXForms    - Inside Cocoon
      Flow       - Inside Cocoon

I am trying to get up the formula:


BUt, I needed to do another works inside the company and soon I will go
back to the quest. :)

I already done a simple example using OJB inside Cocoon:

This is a micro milestone (maybe must be called a milistone, lol :): A
simple test that OJB can work inside Cocoon.

Also, I am finishing a Cocoon component that will manage a
PersistentManagerFactory for OJB-JDO into Cocoon. Soon I will try if this
works and will post the results to wiki.

The next step will be puting Woody-Flow-OJBComponent to work!

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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