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From "Jay Freeman \(saurik\)" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.1 Released - binary??
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2003 08:28:28 GMT

Currently you do because you only have a single cocoon.xconf file and a
single sitemap.xmap (although, as mentioned on the dev list, there may be a
hacked way around this using subsitemaps... I'm going to look into it some
more tomorrow).

My proposal was to have two of each, one that has Cocoon related things that
most people don't touch (like what languages I have defined for XSP, what
XSL/T parsers I have defined and how they work, the large list of
generators, translators, selectors and configuration thereof, and on and on)
and one that has the things I do want to change (my pipeline, a small list
of specially written or configured generators that are special to my app, my
jdbc data sources... that's about it).

When I look at my sitemap.xmap right now, I have to wade through a lot of
things that I consider part of Cocoon and things I don't want to have to
worry about. The problem is 10-fold in Cocoon.xconf, here most of the
settings are things that I only vaguely know what they do (at least most of
sitemap.xmap I understand...). There's only two elements I ever touch in
cocoon.xconf. One is <datasources/> to add a connection pool for my
database, and one is the configuration of HSQL so I can disable it.

I'd _prefer_ if I never had to touch that file. Having two files that got
merged (even something as simplistic as taking all the elements under
<cocoon/> in both and creating one file with them all under <cocoon/>) would
make doing things like upgrading Cocoon a lot easier (as I could just drop
the base config over the existing one, I wouldn't have to wade through it to
find the <datasources/> section and copy in my change).

The sitemap.xmap is the worse of the merging problems, though, as I make a
few small tweaks to configuration of a few transformers and add a few new
generators (as well as cleaning the indentation of the entire file so I
don't go insane from looking at it). Even after compressing the XML that I
don't need to a saner number of lines by removing line breaks that are being
placed between attributes, it's still almost 300 lines of stuff that I need
to maintain when I upgrade Cocoon and have to see every time I edit the

Another way to do that would be to have a base sitemap that could contain
components that later may or may not get overridden by the local sitemap. It
_may_ be that this is already somewhat possible using subsitemaps or
whatever they are called. If it is then my recommendation for the sitemap
will likely change to having the default configuration of Cocoon already
setup with a global.xmap in WEB-INF (and referenced by the <sitemap/>
element in cocoon.xconf) and then have the sitemap.xmap file contain almost
nothing and be referenced as a sub-sitemap of global.xmap. That way when you
sit down to start working you don't have to keep lugging around and mentally
ignoring all this configuration that you probably don't want to touch (and
if you do you can have just that one component overridden in your
sitemap.xmap file).

This means that, as Ralph states, one wouldn't have to "insert or clean" the
base XML files. They could just drop in the sitemap from the application
they are working on (or even one that they downloaded from someone else and
just want to upgrade to the latest Cocoon without having to learn how it
works) and not have to worry about merging all the component class name
definitions (which change occasionally, and even if they never do, new ones
are added and if you're doing development you probably want them available
to you) accourdingly. This "drop in" situation is especially true of
cocoon.xconf, which gets tweaked settings and often new elements every
release... the <datasources/> element hasn't changed in years, and if your
app could _only_ worry about maintaining that, it would be a lot easier to
deal with.

Jay Freeman (saurik)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Antonio Gallardo" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 3:07 AM
Subject: RE: [ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.1 Released - binary??

> > I don't want to clean or insert anything else. I build all my stuff in
> > my own project using Maven.  We just want to bring in the cocoon
> > framework and use our own web.xml and cocoon configuration files.  I
> > NEVER WANT TO TOUCH the cocoon.xconf and sitemap.xmap that are built
> > with cocoon.
> You always need to touch the sitemap.xmap to build cocoon applications.
> Sometimes you also need to touch your cocoon.xconf.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo

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