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From "אורי כהן" <>
Subject use of XSP sources with recursion and "cinclude"
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 16:55:08 GMT
Hi and good day to you all!
I am using the binary version of Cocoon version 2.0.4 for JDK 1.4.
My server is the Apache Jakarta Tomcat version 4.1.27.
My database is MySQL version 4.0.13 using the JConnector driver version
My computer’s operating system is Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.
Here are my questions:
I am trying to create a recursion using cinclude to create an XML tree
of objects I get from the Database (I recursively call an XSP source by
putting a cinclude in it). The thing is, as in any recursion, I need to
either send parameters or have global variables that I can access, no
matter where I am in the recursion. Therefore I tried to use cinclude in
an XSP and send with the link some parameters, like so:
<cinclude:include src="cocoon:/mach/GetLinks?ctgSID=l_CurCtgSID"/>
That didn’t work. Is there any way I can use cinclude or some other form
of source aggregation (besides xinclude) to send these parameters, or
can I create global variables in Cocoon that I can access from any XSP I
run using a specific sitemap?
If I run the recursion without sending parameters from a cinclude URL,
it works very well, but I need to send these parameters for it to be
functional and dynamic.
The value “l_CurCtgSID” that I tried to send with the “ctgSID” parameter
in the example, is a local Java “String” variable I predefine in an
<xsp:logic> context. Into this variable I insert a value that I get from
the Database. This means that I also need to be able so send data I
dynamically receive from the Database as the values of the parameters in
the cinclude URL. By the way, it doesn’t work when I use a numeric
constant either (instead of the Java “String” variable).
Any help is welcome and greatly appreciated. God bless…

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