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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: HTML serializer to output php?
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:29:59 GMT

What method are you using to generate your HTML -

In XSLT you can use the <xsl:processing-instruction>
to create the <?php  ... ?> tag.


>>> 10/07/2003 01:21:35 >>>

I'm generating my website using the CLI and I want to be able to include 
PHP code inside the generated pages. My problem is getting the php tags 
to output correctly in the final html.

Has anyone solved this problem before? if so how did you do it?

the different things I've tried all want to output &lt;? instead of <?

a simple example of what I want the final page to look like is:

        <?php echo "Hello World";?>

I have a feeling I'll be needing to write myself a custom serializer, if 
so can somebody point me in the direction of a guide to writing a 
serializer? I've been through carsten and matthew's book though they 
seem to cover everything except how to write a serializer :(

maybe the best way would be for me to have some <dynamic> tags which are 
transformed into <? ?> by the serializer?


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