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From C Bram Dit Saint Amand <>
Subject <xsl:include> a custom class
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:12:00 GMT
My former problem being solved (thank you Christian Haul), I tested
something else today.
I tried to use my own class called 'DbApi' in a logicsheet.

I inserted this code (1):
<!-- DbApi is the name of the class, the file is ''-->
into the xsp file (generator).

I added to the CLASSPATH the directory where '' and
'DbApi.class' are.

As for the logicsheet, inside a <xsp:logic> tag, I tried the following:
DbApi db_api = new DbApi();

DbApi.newInstance().connect("", "");
//'connect(String, String)' is a method from the DbApi class

Both don't work (I got the infamous 'Cocoon Confusion' error message). I
have no clue if the <xsp:include> correctly included the file or not.

I tried to insert the code (1) into the logicsheet instead, but it didn't
solve the problem.

The Questions:
1) Is it possible to include custom classes with <xsp:include>, or can we
only include existing java classes this way?
2) If we really CAN include custom classes this way, what is wrong in my
code / how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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