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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Re: The new portal framework: questions and thoughts
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:08:37 GMT
Alex Romayev wrote:
> Carsten,
> You've answered section #1 and Volker section #2,
> but there is also section #3 on Application
> Configuration(please see below).  Could you take a
> look at it as this is one of my bigger concerns.
Ok, let's see:

> 3. Application configuration
> I am probably "misusing" the portal, but in any
> case, this is what I do.  I like to treat each page on
> the site as a portal page.  Why?  Well, I like to be
> very user-friendly, so that rather than letting the
> users customize the main page only, I want the to be
> able to do this on every page.  Also, I'd like to have
> "site-editor" coplets on every page, which allow
> editing page content.  Clearly, these coplets
> should only be available to the site editors.
> So, here is my problem.  For a page to be a
> "portal" page, it needs to have an application
> configuration in the sitemap.  So if I have 200 pages, 
> I need to have 200 page configurations in my sitemap, which is
> unwieldy.  It would be great to be able to do one
> of the two:
> - Make application configuration work with patterns,
> just like the rest of the sitemap
> - Allow this to be externalized from the sitemap
> into another configuration file
This is possible. One of the goals of the portal was to 
separate concerns and split logic in many areas. So, there
is now a component that builds the current profile,
the ProfileManager. There is one implementation using
the authentication framework and the application configuration.
But I think in your case, it should be simple
to write a different implementation of the ProfileManager
which does exactly what you need.

> By the way, at the moment adding a new application
> configuration requires to bounce Tomcat, which is
> bad (every time I add a page, I have to restart!)

I thought I had fixed this some weeks ago. Are you using
latest CVS?


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