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From Tony Edwards <>
Subject RE: HTMLArea
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 01:39:51 GMT
Hi Peter,
thanks for the reply.
I know I'm getting close, but I just changed the generator from request to
stream and I get the following error:
"Content is not allowed in prolog".
Obviously something is being prepended to the stream and causing an upset.
Using the RequestGenerator seemed to be more promising in that it returned
data but escapes all the '<' and '>' etc rendering it pretty useless. 
I had a squiz at the HTMLTransformer but its not directly compatible with
2.0.4 (although I didn't spen too much time looking at it - I just tried to
compile it in the 2.0.4 environment).
Can you explain to me your setup. As far as I know I'm using the htmlArea
version 3.0.

thanks for any help,

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Velychko []
Sent: Thursday, 24 July 2003 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: HTMLArea

Hello Tony,

Thursday, July 24, 2003, 8:23:11 AM, you wrote:

TE> Hello again,
TE> I'm trying to integrate the nifty htmlArea widget from
TE> with Cocoon 2.0.4 and I'm just trying to
TE> figure out if its best to use the StreamGenerator or the HTMLGenerator.
TE> If you're better off using the HTMLGenerator, what do you enter for the
TE> 'src' parameter?
TE> Anybody got any clues?
TE> thanks,

TE> Tony

I examine also "htmlArea" now.
I'm not sure but CVS version of the "htmlArea" 3.0 generates XHTML. It
is based on JavaScript and it work with IE 5.5 and Mozilla 1.4. (I
didn't try it with Mozilla 1.3).

If it's so the HTMLGenerator is unnecessary for your situation.
As for me the StreamGenerator is the best for this.

Best regards,
Peter Velychko                   

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