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From "Carmona Perez, David" <>
Subject A problem propagates forever
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:45:14 GMT
Sometimes I request fails (because I'm debugging and tuning things) and it keeps on failing
(maybe due to the cache).  The generator  is file-based.  If I rename the base file, everything
runs now OK (the URL is a new one, because the file name is encoded in the URL), everything
works ok.  

How can I solve this, apart from renaming a file? 

I've tried to delete all cache files from the work/cocoon-files/cache-dir directory or restarting
the Web server, with no success


-----Mensaje original-----
De: Christoph Strehl []
Enviado el: miƩrcoles, 30 de julio de 2003 13:07
Para: Coocoon
Asunto: General Questions about using Cocoon 

Hi all,

I am new to Cocoon and I have read some Tutorials about it so I guess I
got the basic idea what it is all about. I really like what Cocoon has
to offer, but there are still a few questions that I need to ask before
I start programming my first webapp with Cocoon. I hope you aren't angry
with me if these questions were already asked before ;-) Well, here I

As a fan of JSP I am going to use the JSPReader of Cocoon to build the
dynamic content which will be translated into HTML via a XSL-file. There
will be one XSL-files for each logical unit of the webapp, for example
news2html.xsl, forum2html.xsl, navigation2html.xsl and so forth. My
first question is, is it possible to cascade a xsl-files? For example if
some content is the same on each page and I want to present it the same
way, do I have to put the transformation-code in each xsl-file I got or
I can I "include" a xsl-file and put the transformation-code in this one

My second questions is about caching. In my past webapps with JSP I used
a cached-system called OSCache which can be found at I *think* I am still able to use
this or similar - external - cache-thechnologies for caching the
dynamic-content part of my cocoon-webapp, right? But besides that I have
read something about a Cocoon-internal caching-system. How does it - in
short - work and am I able to use it at the same time I use the
cache-system mentioned above for my JSPs?`

The third and last question is about performance: How much does the
advantage of separation of code cost? I can imagine that with all the
overhead cocoon comes along, webapps using cocoon are significantly
slower than pure JSP webapps. Has anyone of you made experiences how
much slower it is? Is it still fast enough

Again I want to apologize if these questions were stupid or were already
asked but I didn't know where else to ask them.

Christoph Strehl

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