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From Steven Noels <>
Subject [GT2003] Call for Participation
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:22:55 GMT
Dear all,

with only two months left before the 7th of October, it's about time we 
start planning and setting up the next edition of the Cocoon GetTogether.

For those of you who are new to this, please have a look at the previous 
event website at

As being announced before, the 2003 GT will be held in Ghent (Belgium) 
again, in a different location though, smack in the middle of the city. 
We were quite ambitious while prospecting a new venue, which means we 
have a large room to fill. This year's event will be organized by Orixo 
(, but most and foremost will depend on your 
participation and presence. Stefano has also agreed to be involved 
content-wise, so again this will be a great occasion to meet some of the 
core Cocoon developers in real life.

We won't be changing too much from the previous year success formula (we 
had 100+ registrations at that time), although we hope to learn from the 
experience and tweak things, hopefully also depending on your input.

This mail serves as a heads-up for both potential participants, speakers 
and sponsors.

What are we planning to do?

* Hackathon

The day before, October 6th, Outerthought will be hosting a hackathon in 
its offices. They/we have a nice meeting room with (Wifi) Internet 
access that should be able to sit somewhere around 15 people. We would 
like to see a number of 'guided' design sessions, hopefully focussing on 
some big challenges ahead, prepared by active developers who want to 
have some high bandwidth collaboration around a whiteboard.

The idea is that somebody prepares a brief intro presentation to focus 
thoughts and ideas, and that we put some serious time in tackling the 
issues at hand. Subjects like 'Real Blocks', 'Caching and Performance', 
'WebDAV' or 'Flow' surely warant some quality time together. Anyone who 
feels like up to preparing and shepherding such a session (which might 
last for a good couple of hours), please speak up.

Outerthought will be sponsoring lunch and snacks during the Hackathon to 
keep brains running and blood sugar level high.

* GetTogether

On the 7th of October, we'll be gathering in 'het Pand', where we have 
rented a large conference hall of the Ghent university, nearby to a 
closed car park and in easy reach of public transport. Also close to a 
couple of 'Ibis' and 'Sofitel'-class hotels, and in walking distance 
(15') of the Ghent Youth hostel for those running on tight budgets.

The GetTogether itself consists of a number of presentations, with 
plenty of time (breaks) in-between to mix and intermingle with fellow 
Cocoon developers and users. The presentations will be deliberately kept 
short, so that we are able to provide you with an interesting mix of 
topics, and plenty of time to discuss and interact.

Some surprise 'acts' are also being thought of, so we'll try and make 
this an lively and not run-of-the-mill day for everybody.

People who want to present during the GetTogether are kindly requested 
to send in a presentation proposal. Mind you that presentation topics 
will be screened for cluefulness, in the sense that we don't want any 
commercial presentations. Introductory, tutorial-like stuff into new or 
advanced topics are much appreciated though. Please send in your 
presentation proposal to gt2003-speaking[at] - see below for a 
template to help you in filling out a proposal.

* Social events

As with the previous edition, there will be hosted social events on the 
night of the 6th and the 7th. If you need to travel to come to the GT, 
please consider also to extend your stay in Ghent for a couple of days, 
since it is quite a nice city for tourism as well.

* Financials and sponsoring

The previous edition learned us that simply breaking even on sponsors' 
budgets only proves to be near to impossible (unless some of you know 
where the money bags are at Sun or IBM ;-)

Therefore, with much reluctancy and many considerations, we decided to 
ask for a small fee covering the cost of this event. While the exact 
amount hasn't been settled yet, it will be in the range between 50 and 
100 EUR. The GT organizers are very much committed to make this year's 
edition to prove much bangs for these bucks.

Sponsoring the event: In the past year we were approached by several 
large companies that use Cocoon about sponsoring the GetTogether. We 
welcome sponsors and feel that this is a chance for companies to give 
something back to the Cocoon community. Due to the nature of the event 
however, sponsors will only have the possibility of placing a logo or 
similar on the introductory presentation and hanging a banner or similar 
in the location. Also, the social events, handouts and surprise acts can 
only get better with some sponsoring. Of course, sponsors can also 
remain anonymous. Please contact info[at] for sponsoring the 

That's all for now. We are working on the website (help is still welcome 
though) and registration procedures, so expect another heads-up soonish. 
We, Orixo, would be delighted in seeing you show up on the 7th of October.



Do not include proprietary or confidential material in your proposals. 
We will assume that you do not consider any material included in the 
proposals to be confidential. All conference presentations are 
vendor-agnostic and should focus on technology. Your proposal should 
contain the following information:

1. proposed title for the talk/session/debate.
2. brief outline or abstract of the talk/session/debate
2.a Please be as concise as possible.
2.b Please write in third-person context.
2.c Please list any prerequisite sessions or knowledge you feel is 
2.d Indicate, if applicable, if this is a beginning or advanced talk.
3. For all proposed speakers, include: speaker name, title, company, 
address, email, phone number, fax and website.
4. biography for the proposed speaker(s) showing relevant experience and 
qualification to speak on the proposed subject matter (not to exceed 250 
5. Primary contact/founder name, title, company, address, email and 
phone number.

DEADLINE for proposal : September 7th, 2003
Proposals should be sent to: gt2003-speaking[at]

All speakers are required to submit copies of their presentations at 
least 2 weeks before the conference.  These presentations will be 
included in the conference notes. All presentations will be made 
available after the conference in electronic (PDF) format.



</Steven> - GT 2003 co-organizing puppet
Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
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