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From Laura McDonald <>
Subject Re: SVG problems
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 13:47:37 GMT
I had tried that before thats why I added all the other stuff. But I 
tried agian just in case ;-) and still no luck. The page renders but 
without the graphics. I'm using the graphics to link and the link works 
but the jpeg never shows. Any other thoughts/comments would be greatly 


Derek Hohls wrote:

>I have used the SVG serializer for a while on Cocoon 2.0.3/4 and
>Tomcat 4 steup without any problems - I have only done the
>SVG to JPEG serialisation and not the PNG.
>If it helps, my sitemap entry is very simple:
>  name="svg2jpeg" 
>  src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.SVGSerializer" 
>  mime-type="image/jpeg"/>
>Maybe this will work?
>>>> 28/07/2003 09:54:15 >>>
>Hi, I'm a new user and am trying to use the  svg2jpeg serializer... I 
>think all my xml and xsl is correct considering that when I do svg2png 
>instead of svg2jpeg it works correctly. If I add a background that too 
>will show up when using svg2jpeg but the picutre never does.
> the following is my code from my components section
><map:serializer name="svg2jpeg" mime-type="image/jpeg" 
>                <parameter name="quality" type="float" value="0.9"/>
>                <parameter name="transcoder" 
>            </map:serializer>
>            <map:serializer name="svg2png" mime-type="image/png" 
>this is my code from my pipeline
>        <map:pipeline>
>            <map:match pattern="graphics/*">
>                <map:generate src="svg.xml"/>
>                 <map:transform src="addlabel.xsl">
>                    <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" 
>                    <map:parameter name="label" value="{1}"/>
>                </map:transform> 
>                <map:serialize type="svg2png"/>
>            </map:match>
>        </map:pipeline>
>currently it reads svg2png and works correctly but if i change that to 
>svg2jpeg , the page shows up but the jpegs dont. I'm using cocoon 2.0 
>and tomcat. If anyone has any suggestions or knows anything that might 
>be helpfull I would greatly appriciate it. Thanks
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