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From Erik Bruchez <>
Subject Re: [ANN] OXF 2.0 Released
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 01:40:44 GMT
Hi Tony,

OXF does not use any code from Cocoon (although it uses many other
Apache projects, listed in our README), but it is a framework that
conceptually shares many things with Cocoon. The main differences with
Cocoon are:

1. XPL is more generic than the Cocoon sitemap. XPL is a simple,
    declarative, implementation-agnostic language that allows the
    orchestration of XML components. It features built-in teeing and
    aggregation, conditionals, validation with W3C Schemas and Relax
    NG, and sub-pipelines. As is the case with Cocoon, the
    implementation is all SAX-based.

2. The OXF Web Application Controller (WAC) provides declarative
    worklow for your entire application. It also explicitly integrates
    with a server-side subset of XForms and a clean Model / View /
    Controller architecture.

3. For Web applications and Web publishing, you can use OXF standalone
    or use the native integration with Struts (with or without JSP) and
    JavaServer Faces. OXF does not support XSP.

4. The OXF core was designed to be 100% independent from any
    Web-related applications. You can embed it within client
    applications, command-line tasks, etc. From an initial design point
    of view, this is unlike Cocoon which was primarily designed as a
    Web publishing framework.

In terms of overlap, in Cocoon (1) and (2) are more or less under the
scope of the sitemap (Cocoon 2.0.4), as well as the upcoming flow
efforts. (3) covers the Cocoon actions and XSP. We think that in
general OXF provide more flexibility and modularity than Cocoon, but
of course that's ultimately the users' decision ;-) Note that the
product is free for non-commercial use.

Incidently, we released an Open Source XML RenderKit for JSF. This
could be integrated with Cocoon:

I hope this clarifies things a little bit.


Tony Collen wrote:
 > Erik Bruchez wrote:
 >> OXF is an XML transformation framework built on top of J2EE
 >> technologies.
 > <snip/>
 > Pardon my ignorance, but how is this Cocoon-related?  Is this built
 > on top of Cocoon?  Is it just a repackaged (and more expensive)
 > Cocoon?
 > Tony

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