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From Vitor Rui Moreira <>
Subject Re: Form encoding problem in cocoon 2.0.4
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:46:07 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> Vitor Rui Moreira wrote:
>>> But UTF-8 is a super set of ISO-8859-1, so there should be no 
>>> problem when using it. The working "text" inputs show this. Now 
>>> "file" inputs: Why do they depend on the form encoding? Shouldn't 
>>> they simply allow to upload a file? Am I missing something? 
>> Ok, if i understood your point of view: i'm not having problems with 
>> file contents but with filename... File contents are 100% correct!
> Is this a statement or a question? Do you have problems with the file 
> content?
> If so, is it an XML or a text file? I guess you must set the encoding 
> correctly when reading/parsing the file. I don't know if the 
> form-encoding has influence of the file content. 

Ok, i'm not having file content problems... all is correct, i can upload 
correctly all kind of files (.doc, .txt, .whatever).
My problem is only about the filename encoding... the file, on the 
server, as the correct content but the wrong filename (for example, 
"tópico" is transformed to "t??pico")...

>> I had an action which do some operations on the uploaded file but to 
>> debug this issue, i've removed it from the sitemap, passing directly 
>> the parameters to the other page.
> Do you need the filename on the server? 

Yeap because i'm developing a DMS (Document Management System) which:
1) the files stays on the file system (for example, /home/dms/datadir)
2) the metadata stays on a database (in this case, i'm using hsqldb)

I need to move the file from the upload-dir into the proper subdir (for 
example, /home/dms/datadir/dir1/dir15/file) and, to do that, i need the 
This move operation is correct (the file is moved to the correct subdir).

> Joerg
Vitor Moreira

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