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From Eric Gulatee <>
Subject Woody Related Questions
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:41:49 GMT
Hi all,

    I've been tinkering around with Woody lately and
really love the feature set [Automatic valication and
hooks for cumstom handlers etc etc].

    Now basically my problem is that I want to be able
to hook into my own validation routines on top of
Woody's.  [If you're registering a user, you need to
verify the name is available]...  Now I've noticed
that if you hook into your own form handler validation
doesn't occur.  

How about adding a few methods to the FormHandler
interface in order that the form can query it whether
or not the handler can do extra validation.  (I will
do this for my own project unless someone wakes me up
and informs me there is a better way :))
    Secondly what happens if you have two woody forms
on the same page?  When I started I had a login form
on my left menu and the user could also register in
the center pane and when submitting both forms would
try to validate...

Keep up the amazing work

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