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From "Guido Casper" <>
Subject Re: HTMLArea
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 06:51:54 GMT
Tony Edwards wrote:
> Hello again,
> I'm trying to integrate the nifty htmlArea widget from
> with Cocoon 2.0.4 and I'm just trying
> to figure out if its best to use the StreamGenerator or the
> HTMLGenerator. If you're better off using the HTMLGenerator, what do
> you enter for the 'src' parameter?
> Anybody got any clues?

The way I did it with 2.1 CVS was using the RequestGenerator.
As the RequestGenerator escapes the submitted HTML (&lt;html&gt;) you have
to put the HTMLTransformer after it.

  <map:generate type="request"/>
  <map:transform src="styles/request2doc.xsl"/>
  <map:transform type="html">
    <map:parameter name="tags" value="para"/>

The HTMLTransformer parses the content of the "para" tag then with JTidy and
generates SAX events further down the pipeline.

Unfortunately the HTMLTransformer is not available in 2.0.4 but you can grab
it from the 2.1 CVS

(not sure wether it works unchanged with 2.0.4 though)


Guido Casper
S&N AG, Competence Center Open Source
                    Tel.: +49-5251-1581-87
Klingenderstr. 5
D-33100 Paderborn

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