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From "JD Daniels">
Subject Flow Help
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2003 17:25:26 GMT

    I have a flow script.. what i want to do is perform a search, display
the results, so far so good. Now I provide an edit link to edit a result,
still good, but when the edit has been saved, i want to return to the search
result page. I display a notice page with sendPageAndWait() and provide a
link with the continuation, but when i follow it, i get a blank page... I
must be misunderstanding a simple concept here :(

Heres my Javascript:

function postTickets()
//snip the search form part
 while (true)
  var act = cocoon.request.get("act");
  var id = cocoon.request.get("id");
  var ticketList = getManager().invoiceTicketList(project, client,
hardware_reference, billing_type, charge_type, tech, datestart, dateend);
  var rowCount = ticketList.rowCount;

  if (act == "remove")
  else if (act == "edit")
   print("Sending Edit Page");
  else if (act == "commit")
  sendPageAndWait("InvoiceTicketResults.jexl", {
      invoiceResultsTicketList: ticketList.rows,
} }

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