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From "Perry Molendijk" <>
Subject FOP, userconfig.xml and relative paths
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 16:13:28 GMT
BlankDoes anyone know what the correct way is to use relative paths when
trying to embed fonts for use by FOP.

So far I have only been able to do it with absolute paths:

in sitemap:


in userconfig.xml:

   <font metrics-file="F:/apache/fop-fonts/arial.xml" kerning="yes"

when I move the "fop-fonts" directory to the WEB-INF of Cocoon and change
the sitemap to:


and userconfig.xml to:

   <font metrics-file="WEB-INF/fop-fonts/arial.xml" kerning="yes"

I have tried all sorts of combinations ( /WEB-INF/..., setting baseDir,
etc ). It appears to me that Cocoon finds userconfig.xml, because if you
change the path to point to a wrong location, Cocoon (2.1 M1 and M2)
produces an error. So the problem appears to be in userconfig.xml. It states
in a comment that the path is translated to a URL like file:///X:/.... if it
isn't already a URL. Does anyone have any suggestions.

I have tried with:
TC 4.1.24 / JDK 1.4 / C21 M1 on W2K,
TC 4.1.24 / JDK 1.3 / C21 M2 on W2K, and
TC 5.02 / JDK 1.4 / C21 M2 on W2K


Perry Molendijk

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