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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject RE: Command Line Interface
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 09:24:41 GMT
Steve Kurzman wrote:


> About my hopeful usage, I'm the webmaster for a non-profit web-zine on
> international disability news, policy issues, etc.  We want
> to provide our
> content as text and PDF, as well as HTML, so visitors can
> read it offline if
> they like.  Hence, my foray into XML.  But I want to serve
> static content
> because we don't really need to dynamically generate anything
> and many of
> our visitors come from non-profit organization offices and/or
> developing
> countries and have bandwidth and time constraints, i.e. I
> don't want to make
> users with pay per hour connections and slow modems in Brazil
> or India wait
> for Cocoon to generate a large PDF on the fly before downloading it.

Do you realise that Cocoon can cache these PDFs? It may take a minute to
render a very large PDF, but only the first time. On subsequent requests the
PDF can be served from the cache, rather than regenerated. If necessary you
can "prime" the cache by crawling your site regularly with a web-crawler. So
you may not need to use the CLI at all.

Users on a slow connection will spend much longer downloading the PDF than
it takes to generate it in any case.



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