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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon for CD-Rom based applications?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 07:26:04 GMT

You say "I'm pretty sure this works" - obviously, though, 
someone (?) needs to test this and, hopefully, come up
with some guidelines on the "do's and dont's" - maybe
Alan will be the person who will do it (but I agree with 
him that it seems surprising no one has done it before...
I am sure there were much earlier posts on this topic)


>>> 18/06/2003 09:18:07 >>>
Le Mardi, 17 juin 2003, à 20:07 Europe/Zurich, Ramsey, Alan a écrit :

> ...We don't mind installing "some" software on the clients computers, 
> but we obviously want to minimize its complexity as much as possible.  
> Installing a JVM is probably reasonable, and
> since Cocoon seems pretty "tightly packaged" installing it doesn't 
> seem too extensive either...

Actually you don't need to "install" anything (in the sense of messing 
with Registry settings under Windows for example) to run Cocoon, simply 
copying the directories that contain the JDK, Cocoon and the servlet 
engine to a hard disk will do, provided you setup the environment 
correctly and provided there is a writable temporary directory for work 

There might be licensing problems with this approach though, you'd have 
to check about JDK and servlet engine redistribution rights.

> ...So the question is: how do I best package Cocoon for the CD 
> deployed applications?...

You could certainly run it directly from CD, started from a 
platform-specific wrapper that would
-find a writable temporary directory
-setup the environment
-maybe check for available TCP/IP ports and manipulate configs 
-start Cocoon using the JDK that is found on the CD (assuming licensing 
is ok) and a lightweight servlet engine (Jetty for example) also found 
on the CD
-launch a browser on the appropriate URL

I'm pretty sure this works without having to install anything, or by 
just copying files to the user's hard disk if one wants to get rid of 
the CD

   Bertrand Delacretaz
   independent consultant, Lausanne, Switzerland 

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