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From "Geert Van Damme" <>
Subject Re: commandline executes matching pipeline three times
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:08:25 GMT

I've decided to use Cocoon as a webapp and run a batch job that calls
the required URI, thus invoking Cocoon.
The server needs to run anyway so this sounds like a fair solution.

I'll take a look at the SourceWritingTransformer as it appears to do
what I need. 
For now I wrote my own Transformer for the FTP transfer.

thanks once again for all the help !

>>> 06/05/03 10:23am >>>

> thanks for the replies, it saves me a lot of frustration :)
> In the application, a transformer will be used to transfer the
> incoming XML to an FTP server. The resulting XML will contain info
> about the transfer, such as size, failure/success, ... So it is
> important that the transfer happens only once... If you have any
> suggestions for doing this, it would be appreciated ! 

Can you explain more exactly what you're trying to achieve? What
transformer will 
you use? If you're talking about writing your own transformer, I would
using the SourceWritingTransformer and creating an FTPSource that you
can write 
to. Even better, write a VFS source (giving other protocols too). The
source itself 
could probably be configured to record success/failure, and to only
transfer once.

> (BTW, Cocoon2.1 is not an option at this point)

It's a real shame that you're not able to use 2.1, as it now can write
directly to 
modifiable sources. Therefore, if you had an FTP source, you could
generate a page 
and have the CLI send it straight to your FTP server.

> Thanks again !

You're welcome!


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