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From "Arthur Allen" <>
Subject Modular database select -> session attributes won't fly
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 22:42:18 GMT
Hi Folks,

I am having problems using modular database select action.
Specifically, I cannot seem to direct its output to session attributes
let alone control the naming of those attributes. Instead, it posts the 
results of
my single row select to map parameters, named as it sees fit (table.col) I 
do not know
of any samples for select (more difficult cases are handled) and the docs 
... shall I say... hard to follow even on a tenth read.

I am dealing with a simple table with three colums,

          <table name="loadedtaxonomies" alias="loadedtaxonomies">
                     <key name="label" type="string">
                         <mode name="session-attr" type="all">
                    <value name="namespace" type="string">
                          <mode name="session-attr" type="all">
                     <value name="taxonomyid" type="int">
                            <mode name="session-attr" type="all">

        <table-set name="loadedtaxonomies">
              <table name="loadedtaxonomies"/>

My sitemap code is
	<map:act type="mod-db-sel">
	       <map:parameter name="table-set" value="loadedtaxonomies"/>
	       <!-- we have a valid taxonomy label -->
	       <map:act type="session-propagator">
		<map:parameter name="" value="{loadedtaxonomies.taxonomyid}	"/>

I use the session propagator as a work-around, to copy the output from the 
returned map parameters
to the session. The select does pick up the key value correctly from the 
session attribute
taxonomy.label. presumably using the input module session-attr, but neglects 
to do
the same with the output module bearing the same name?

Could the problem be in my use of "all" type. My understanding is that this 
cause all cases (insert, delete, updat, select) to be handles by the same 
I/O modules.
Is that correct?

I'm using cocoon 2.1m2, jdk 1.4 Tomcat 4.1.24

Thanks, Arthur

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