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From "I-Lin Kuo" <>
Subject RE: XML file
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 19:34:25 GMT
>I am getting an xml page
>back but it is not the same as what I would see.  What is happening is
>that I have a login form that submits to this page.  In this page I run
>a query to validate login.  In the xml that I get back I am seeing
>invalid login but in the actual html that is produced the login is
>validated.  That is why I am saying the xml does not match up.

  1. your xslt is in error -- it always produced validated login
  2. There's caching going on. You can check this by entering a valid login
and invalid login and seeing what you get back in xml.

it'd be easier to tell if you post the xml and the xslt.

I-Lin Kuo, Ann Arbor, MI
Macromedia Certified ColdFusion 5.0 Advanced Developer
Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
Ann Arbor Java Users Group (

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