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From Austin Tashis <>
Subject Re: No valid JdbcConnection class available with MySQL
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 00:26:10 GMT
On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 03:14  PM, Geoff Howard wrote:

> If it's not already, you may want to set error level to info or debug -
> you may see more information.

It is, but there are no database related messages

>> The cocoon error log just contains the same error message that's
>> displayed in the browser. Tomcat is not having a problem with the
>> database as other webapps are currently using it with no difficulty.
> But cocoon could be causing tomcat to log there during its startup.
> Unless you're trying to use a tomcat-managed database pool --
> that would be a different set of things to look at.

I don't see anything unusual in the logs, except that HSQLDB is 
running. I had assumed it wasn't working because I couldn't connect to 
it either.

>>> - the driver not being declared in web.xml
>> It is.
> Can you paste your snippet?

         <!-- For MySQL Driver: -->
         <!-- -->

The one that's commented out is for the older driver. I've tried both 
of them with the newer driver with the same result.

>>> - using cocoon built with jdk1.2/1.3 with jdk1.4 or vice versa
>> This is a possibility. I'm pretty sure I downloaded the right one, but
>> I could be wrong--at least it's something I can double-check.
> Yes, check.  Which jdk are you using?


> I guess this also means that you're using 2.0.x, since 2.1 doesn't
> have a binary options (precisely because of problems like this
> among other reasons)

Yes, I'm using 2.0.4. If I were using 2.1 I'd probably be asking for 
help getting it to build. :-/

>> Is there any trick to un-installing cocoon? I tried removing all its
>> folders from Tomcat, but when I put the new cocoon.war file in there 
>> it
>> didn't do anything. :-/
> You may need to delete the cocoon stuff out of tomcat's work directory.

It didn't help.
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