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From g4 <>
Subject xpath query help
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:23:33 GMT
Hi list,

I'm trying to query a document key. I have a collection of documents  
that have Xindice generated document id's. So for example:

<collection:result docid="02ffa7c04be90537000000f5b2fb799b">
<Enquiry xmlns:src="" approved=""  
date="Tue Jun 10 19:23:08 BST 2003" src:col="/db/Enquiry"  
src:key="02ffa7c04be90537000000f5b2fb799b" time="" year="">
	<fname xmlns:src="">TEST  
	<lname xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
	<email xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
	<telephone type="mobile"  
	<address xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
	<town xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
	<county xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
	<postcode xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  
		<contact email="" xmlns:src="">
			<hours xmlns:src="">08:00  
			<days xmlns:src="">sat-sun</days>
	<requirements timescale="3-6 months"  
		<style bespoke="" edwardian="true" leanto="" victorian="true"  
xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA </style>
		<dimensions type="imperial"  
xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA </dimensions>
		<budget currency="GBP"  
xmlns:src="">3000 - 5000</budget>
		<notes xmlns:src=""> TEST DATA  

I'm using this Xpath expression (and many variations of) through  
Cocoon's pseudo-control: 

with no luck at all. I am guessing that the attribute prefix may be  
cause of all my woes.

Any help warmly appreciated.

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