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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon for CD-Rom based applications?
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 04:44:47 GMT
Le Lundi, 16 juin 2003, à 19:47 Europe/Zurich, Ramsey, Alan a écrit :
> ...What we would "like" to do is leverage our Cocoon software for our 
> CD-Rom based products - as opposed to building our own CD based 
> reporting framework.  Possibly using a tool like JBuilder or Delphi 
> for a "front-end" to the application.
> Is this possible? 

It is certainly possible to run Cocoon from a CD without any 
installation, but you didn't indicate what kind of apps you're thinking 
about, is that browsing and searching documents or more than that?

Running from CD might require including the JDK on the CD for the 
various platforms that you're using (fairly easy if the licenses allow 
it), or setting up Cocoon to run from Java WebStart, started from a 
browser page (slightly harder and AFAIK you'd need to sign all jars 

> Has anybody done this?

I didn't do it with Cocoon (yet) but I've done java-based CDs in the 
past, using pre-generated browsable HTML combined with a search engine 
that could run as an applet (QuestAgent, 
This is also something that you could use depending on your app's 

> Can we run Cocoon without Tomcat (or similar servlet engine?) - I know 
> there is a CLI, but does this eliminate the need for a servlet 
> engine?  - OR - Do we need to find some way to deploy the servlet 
> engine on the client's computer?

Cocoon can run with most servlet engines, and some of them are very 
The Cocoon 2.1 build system generates a setup based on a limited 
version of the Jetty servlet engine.

If you follow the instructions in the INSTALL.txt file to run 
" servlet" (or .bat), Jetty is used to start Cocoon without 
requiring any installation. This is not meant for production use but 
you could certainly adapt Jetty or another lightweight servlet engine 
to run from a CD, requiring only a temporary directory to store work 
files during execution.

You can also use "build standalone-demo" to build a standalone version 
of Cocoon which uses the same limited version of Jetty contained in two 
subdirectories of the build directory. This might be able to run 
straight from CD as Jetty uses the standard temporary directory of the 
system (/tmp for example), but I haven't tested it.

Hope this helps,
   Bertrand Delacretaz
   independent consultant, Lausanne, Switzerland

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