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From Andre Thenot <>
Subject Re: Spacing issues?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 23:15:20 GMT
On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 07:01 PM, Robert Koberg wrote:

> Andre was a bit off with his comments. Also he is using a 
> long-hand version
> when there is a simpler way to accomplish it (attribute value 
> templates or
> {} in an attribute). Joerg was showing you how to "strip" the 
> leading and
> trailing whitespace from your "report-name" element's value.

Thanks for correcting me. I learned something here!


> I would recommend you both get Mike Kay's XSLT book from Wrox 
> (if it still
> out there...), or perhaps Jeni Tennison's Xpath book as it is 
> more geared to
> beginners. I wouldn't recommend XML in a Nutshell as an XSL book.

Well, yes, the "* in a Nutshell" books are more reference books 
and are not tutorials by nature. That also depends on your 
preference I guess...
   Also worth checking out: "XSLT" (0-596-00053-7) and "XSLT 
Cookbook" (0-596-00372-2) on their site 

(Sorry for being partial to O'Reilly books...)

André Thénot
p  e  a  c  e  :  p  a  i  x  :  p  a  x  :  s  h  a  l  o  m

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