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From "Peter Klotz" <>
Subject map:redirecto-to after map:transform/map:generate?
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 14:00:34 GMT

I have a pipline that generates a file in the filesystem using a generator
and a transformation. The output is empty but I want to present in the
same request one of the generated files (index.html).

I tried to use

<map:generate src="..."/>
<map:transform type="xslt" src="..."/>
<map:redirect-to uri="chunk_{1}"/>

and have another map:match for chunk_* that reads index.html.
The problem is that obviously that pipeline is not executed at all but the
redirection happens immediately? Why it is after other things in the

Also it is not possible to use <map:read/> or <map:generate/> after a

I tried also to use a XSL that produces input to xinclude but xinclude
can't wpork with cocoon:// URLs but needs a absolute path in the
So this also doesn't work.

So how can one read a file from the filesystem after a transformation?
And why does the redirect not work?

BTW, I'm using Cocoon 2.0.4

Thanks, Peter

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