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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: cocoon on Dynamo
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:19:58 GMT
No, but I guess it's more an issue with Dynamo than with Cocoon. So it 
would be better to ask on a Dynamo forum, wouldn't it? I'm not a J2EE 
expert, but we use JBoss and AFAIK we simply deploy (uncompressed, no 
WAR) Cocoon as it is.


Barback, Lisa R wrote:
> I am trying to Install Cocoon on Dynamo 5.1.1.
> I have created am EAR file from the Cocoon WAR file.  I have also  created a
> DAR file from the EAR file.  When I start the dynamo server, the DAR file
> appears to load correctly.
> ->loadingApplication : Loading J2EE application from:
> D:\ATG\Dynamo5.1.1\J2EE-E
> xamples\Cocoon2\j2ee-apps\cocoon2.dar
> When I try to access the j2ee application, I get the following error:
> Forbidden (403)
> You have requested data that the server has decided not to provide to you.
> Your request was understood and denied. 
> Has anyone run into this error, I am not an expert on j2ee.
> Lisa

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