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From Peter Klotz <>
Subject Cocoon 2.1 migration problem with sub-sitemap
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:48:27 GMT

I have migrated a sub-sitemap from Cocoon 2.0.4 to 2.1m3.
With 2.0.4 everything worked fine, now with 2.1 I only get empty pages.
The reason seems to be that the sub-sitemap in cocoon/sims is never 
really called. Whenever I call a URL with sims/something I get empty 
page with NO errors although in logkit.xconf I have set everything on DEBUG.

I saw one big difference between 2.0.4 and 2.1 and that is that 
sub-sitemaps seem to be automatically mounted with a generic pipeline.
The sub-sitemap example does not exist anymore, the only sub-sitemap 
available is samples.

Does one have to declare now really ALL components in each sub-sitemap 
that it uses, because I get DEBUG messages that say that a Selector has 
not found component for hint [request] or [session] for example?
But when I look into the samples sitemap then that does not declare any 
components although it definitely uses some?

So what is different in 2.1?

Please help, Peter

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