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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: TeX to PDF serializator
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:08:50 GMT
To make it short:

A TeXSerializer with a transformer delivering TeX text is not possible.

You must have SAX events in a pipe, not text. So the only option is a 
TeXSerializer understanding XSL FO or a XML representation of TeX. But 
this would already be very near to FOP.
Of course you can encapsulate the XSL FO to TeX transformation in the 
serializer and feed the result directly into a TeXProcessor, but I don't 
know whether this is a good approach. But it really doesn't seem to make 
sense, adding a further transformation step for using legacy processor 
as far you have to code the further transformation step. IMO it's better 
to support developers of XSL FO processors like FOP.


Alexander Schatten wrote:
> Andreas Kuckartz wrote:
>> I do not intend to be rude - but it might make sense if you learn a 
>> bit more
>> about what TeX is doing before you make such judgements.
> thank you. I am working with LaTeX for nearly 10 years, so I know a 
> *little* bit about it. In fact, you may believe me, that *I* know what 
> *I* want, though some here seem to try to convince me that I do not know 
> what I want...
> however, there might be no others with the same desires, that is off 
> course possible.
>> Anyway you are free to try to enhance FO so that it can replace TeX.
> you seem to address the wrong one: I did not criticize in the beginning: 
> I was just mentioning, that *if* someone has energy to do something, I 
> would assume to be invested better in FOP then in XML/LaTex.
> that is --- again --- my opinion.
> alex

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