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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: CLI problems (ComponentSelector, cocoon protocol)
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:00:07 GMT

> > I'd suggest trying the CLI from 2.1. It has much greater
> > functionality.
> OK, I could try that. But I guess it isn't possible to use the
> Main class from 2.1 for a 2.0.4 site, is it?

No, I very much doubt that would work.

Have you read the page on the Wiki on the 2.0.4 CLI?

It might help you out.
> Actually, at the moment all I need is the functionality to generate
> static pages, and I won't have the time to test additional features.

Oh well!

> But I will follow the topic on the list - the CLI is a great feature!

I agree. But one that needs more work to get it to where it could really be.

> Maybe the Forrest guys are interested in more flexibility? I heard
> that they would like to move some functionality from Ant to Cocoon.

I'm sure they would be. No doubt they'll test it for me.
> Thanks for your help!

You're welcome.


> >>The following problems occur:
> >>
> >>- The ComponentSelector does not find default components
> >>   ("could not find component for hint []"). If I add type
> >>   attributes to all component references in the sitemap,
> >>   everything is fine.
> >>
> >>- The cocoon: protocol does not work properly (I forgot the
> >>   error message, but I can reproduce them if this helps).
> >>
> >>- One page produces a broken link. The debug messages look
> >>   OK (apart from the broken link one ...). The log files
> >>   don't contain any exceptions, only success messages for
> >>   all transformation steps.
> >>
> >>In Tomcat, everything works fine.
> >>
> >>Has anyone experienced similar problems?
> >>Could it help to update to a newer snapshot?
> >>Or should I try to use the batchfiles from the source
> >>distribution instead of the Ant project?
> >>
> >>Thanks in advance!
> >>Andreas

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