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From Lajos <>
Subject Re: Cocoon usage
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 02:00:43 GMT
Hi Ralph -

I personally know of Cocoon being used at Sun (my client, actually), P & 
G and CA. I can give you more info on the first, if you are interested.

My own company, Galatea IS Inc., offers commercial support for Cocoon. I 
actually package Cocoon with Apache and Tomcat, in a product called Az, 
and have support packages available. The production release of Az 2.0, 
coindicentally, is next Monday. If you are interested, please contact me 


Galatea IS

Ralph Goers wrote:
> I am proposing that Cocoon be used in the project I am working on.  My 
> boss wants some assurance that he isn't jumping off a cliff by agreeing 
> to this - although the rest of my development team is convinced.  He 
> would like answers to a couple of questions:
> 1. What "big" companies are using Cocoon in production?  (I've seen the 
> Cocoon links and am not sure which ones would qualify).
> 2. What kind of performance are they getting?
> 3. If we wanted to who could we purchase a support contract from to 
> provide support for Cocoon?  I've already looked at the code and am 
> quite sure we could do it ourselves, but I'd like to provide him with 
> options.
> Thanks,
> Ralph


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