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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Alias in database descriptor file
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:11:35 GMT
On 11.Jun.2003 -- 01:23 PM, Amelie Cordier wrote:
> Thanks for your explantion... this is what I understood by reading the
> wiki page... but the matter is it still doesn't work... I wonder if there
> is an option to check in order to enable aliases or something like that...
> And,by the way, I do want to modifiy the wiki page but I need to make it
> work first... :)


> Here is what I've done so far :

<snip what="correct code"/>

> The two descriptions work independently, I've check them both...but when 
> they are together in the file, only the first one works ("inscrit").

How do you know it doesn't work?

> Furthermore, there is something strange in the sitemap.log... I don't know
> if it is really correct...
> ...
> DEBUG   (2003-06-11) 12:57.12:274   [sitemap] (/cocoon/myappli/toto)
> Thread-12/DatabaseAction: query: UPDATE inscrit SET val1= ?, val2= ?,
> val3= ? WHERE id_1= ? AND id_2= ? AND id_3= ? AND id_4= ?
> DEBUG   (2003-06-11) 12:57.12:275   [sitemap] (/cocoon/myappli/toto)
> Thread-12/DatabaseAction: Trying to set column inscrit2.id_1 from
> request-param using getAttribute method
> ...
> WHY "inscrit2" ???

Because you are using the incrit2 alias. Maybe this isn't very smart
and the action should use the @name at all times.... Anyway, you might
want to explicitly refer to a request parameter or disable inclusion
of the table name for the automatic parameter name guessing.

If the two definitions were different, you would be able to see
different SQL statements.

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