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From Matthias Brunner <>
Subject Re: Serious Encoding Problems (Umlaute)
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 09:20:39 GMT
On Friday 06 June 2003 10:38, Alexander Schatten wrote:
> >what is the LANG environment variable set to? Apparently, this
> > can have some influence on the JVM. Try setting it to LANG=de.
> > Actually, it should work without that but I was not able to
> > figure it out.
> GREAT! thank you, that was the solution; it works on all systems
> now correctly.
> however, I believe one should add this encoding point into the
> documentation, because as far as I know neither the fact, that
> there is an <encoding> tag nor your important fact about this
> environment var seems to be in the Cocoon docs.

That should really be documented somewhere. I believe, however, that 
the approach itself (having to set an environment variable for the 
JVM) is really flawed. I do not understand why this is necessary at 
all, since there are XML headers which set the encoding of every 
file. And internally, Java uses Unicode anyway. Does someone have a 
clue why this is such a pain to configure?

> may I pose a second (though not Cocoon related question): where
> would you put this environment variable setting to, so that it
> will be set even after reboot? .bashrc will not be the correct
> location, I believe? should I modify the cocoon startup batch?

It depends on how you are starting Tomcat. Typically, you put "export 
LANG=de" in your System-V startup script (mostly 
/etc/init.d/tomcat). If you start from the command line, you can put 
that into .bashrc indeed.
Be aware though that the LANG variable influences all linux 
programmes with localisation support. Maybe there is a parameter to 
the JVM as well, which would be better to use.


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