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From "Alberto Zanon" <>
Subject Suggestion for a Cocoon newbie
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 14:25:17 GMT

I'm a Java developer and I'm looking for a solid system to construct my
I have already realized an e-commerce site, but without rules.
My jsp pages contain both logic and presentation layer.
Only the data layer is encapsulated into java classes called from jsp.
Now I have to construct an intranet at my company where employees
will register their activity during the day.
The site involves form validation, business logic, and the use of a
Before becoming aware of Cocoon, I thought I would build the site this way:
- a layer of java classes that interface with the database;
- a layer of java classes for business logic;
- a layer of jsp for presentation;

Now I have downloaded the latest version of Cocoon and read many pages of
But I'm very confused! I read about XSP but I read also about XMLForm ...
and where I put
my business logic? For example, I downloaded a tutorial from IBM about
Cocoon and databases
but it shows only the XSP pages to dialog with the database and format the
data ... no business
logic in it.
I'm interested about Cocoon because one goal of it is the "MVC" or "SoC"
when a site is developed.

Please, can anyone suggest me the right way to use Cocoon?


Alberto Zanon

Sistemi & Servizi Informatica Srl
tel +39 0423 722324
fax +39 0423 498302

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