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From "Collin VanDyck" <>
Subject Unable to get 'Cocoon-Libs' attribute from the Manifest
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 19:28:57 GMT
I'm running Cocoon 2.0.4 on JDK1.4. I have an EAR application that includes two WARs.  In each
of my WARs I include the WEB-INF/lib jars and the WEB-INF/, amongst others.  When
I deploy as a flattened or exploded application, everything works perfectly.

However, when I try and deploy the WARs and the EAR as a single file, I get an error.log entry:

FATAL_E (2003-06-10) 15:22.10:218   [access] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/CocoonServlet: Unable
to get 'Cocoon-Libs' attribute from the Manifest

Now, there is a WEB-INF/ that mirrors that in the cocoon.war exactly.  I don't
understand why then I am getting that error, although I would like to :).

I use ant to create the EAR and WARs (note: the WARs are contained within the EAR, don't know
if that matters to the problem at hand).  In creating the WAR, the ant task also creates a
META-INF directory with a file in it that is empty, except for some "Generated
by Ant" text at the top.

I sifted through some of the archives, and it seems that the solution I saw was to make sure
that the Cocoon was included in my  I believe this is true, so it
would be great if someone could point me in the right direction :)


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