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From "Christian Kurz" <>
Subject AW: All hope lost: Can FragmentExtractor serve SVG images to IE (socket write error) ?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:08:00 GMT
> > All of this works fine when requesting the page using Netscape
> > (valid page and images, no errors in log file). As soon as I use the
> > Microsoft Internet Explorer to request the same page, the HTML page
> > returned, but the svg image has not been served properly. According
> > the log file there was a " Software caused
> > connection abort: socket write error" (details included below),
>I remember that other software (Squeak) had a somewhat similar problem
>was solved by changing something in the networking layer. The browsers
>different regarding opening new connections. I think Netscape created
>connection to download one file after another while MSIE created a
>connection for every single file on a webpage. Something like that. It
>some time to fix that problem...

Thank you, Andreas.

I am afraid this is way too deep for my java skills. You don't have any
source code files/ changes by any chance?

Best regards,

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