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From Harald Wehr <>
Subject Re: [Ann] Geoid: connect Cocoon with geographic information
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 06:14:26 GMT
  > It is not much, we know, but we are determined to soon provide Geoid
> connectors to the Minnesota University's MapServer and other open-source 
> services.

Do you have any plans how to implement the connection to Minnesota 
Mapserver? We have developed a connection to the cgi script in our 
application based on xml. A generator takes the requests from the 
clients and sets the desired cgi parameters via httpunit. With a small 
modification we get xml back from cgi script and generate the output.

Additionally we tried to use the java mapscript feature of mapserver. As 
there were threading problems the jvm often died so we moved to httpunit 
and normal http connection.


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